Short Bio

Shirley Hokke

Fine Art Specialist/Nature Photographer

My journey as an artist began when I watched my Dad placing coloured mosaic pieces together as a child. I have continued my interest of being creative and find my journey has had endless possibilities in the use of various art materials. I am inspired by ancient writings to create my own symbolic language. I am a formally trained artist and attained a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and continued my studies to follow my dream of teaching Visual Arts to Secondary School students; in addition to teaching at local Art Galleries and Art Centres.

The steps involved in creating a piece of artwork are the same for all media (Paint, Collage, Mixed Media).

  • Research
  • Visualize a plan
  • Sketch the idea
  • Create intuitively
  • This will ensure a unique art piece

All images, cinematography & content copyright of Shirley Hokke

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